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“I just loved the cakes and cookies Mr. Chamber’s made for my office staff meetings. His friendly smile shows just how important loving your work is to him. He has made us many cakes and I really love the pumpkin spice. My favorite cookies are the snicker doodles. I highly recommend his services to everyone.” Linda B. – Salt lake City, UT People have a lot to say about Chef Chambers here are some testimonials about taste.  “It is great to have the perfect customer service that Donnell delivers. His deliveries are on time every time!” Martha S.- Hospital Staff in Kansas City “The cakes are delicious. Especially the pumpkin spice cake. It is so moist and different.” Paula B. – Kansas City “My grandmother offered me a sweet potato pecan cupcake back in December. I’ve been hooked on them ever since. There are so many flavors in every bite…all the way down to the last crumb! I ordered other flavors for my co-workers to taste on “Treat Day”. They’re now hooked also. Since then, co-workers and I have made it our goal to work our way down the list of cakes and cookies. We’ve loved everything that we’ve ordered and look forward to being able to start back over on the list.” Georgia – Columbus, Ohio

We have taste tested almost every cake available and we love everyone. The special thing is that you can get some of your old favorites like chocolate but also new and different things with a twist. Brad P. – Denver CO

“The lemon creme cupcakes are marvelous! They have just the right amount of tartness, as well as sweetness. They’re wonderful! The sweet potato pecan cupcakes are also stupendous!” John H. – Kansas City